No matter how much time we spend managing money, organizing home finances is always a difficult task. While you can try any number of advanced programs to help you in this regard, they often take up more of your time than they save.

JXCirrus Finance is a simple application that enables you to keep track of your personal finances, without over-complicating the process. It allows you to manage multiple accounts, create and administer budgets, add transactions and view a graph of your account balance over time.

You can organize your income into numerous accounts, to help you manage bank statements, credit cards and cash.

Additionally, you can create any number of budgets, allowing you to allocate funds to various tasks and keep track of how much you spend on entertainment, clothing, groceries or various activities.

While adding your data to the database is a good first step, it does not help you if you cannot get an overall idea of the state of your finances.

The application enables you to view a detailed report of all the transactions made, as well as a graph displaying the status of your account or budget balance over time.

JXCirrus Finance can also generate a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly report, allowing you to view the long-term evolution of your income and expenses.

If the program needs to be used by multiple family members, it is possible to save the added information to a separate file, then load it when it needs to be viewed or modified.

JXCirrus Finance can also export a summary of your transactions or a detailed breakdown to a CSV spreadsheet file.

All in all, this is a straightforward and easy-to-use application that can help you manage you home finances and get a better idea of the current and past state of your accounts.