Teaching young children mathematics can be a difficult task, as most do not find the subject very engaging and it is easy for them to become distracted.

JXCirrus Maths is a simple application that enables you to create and run various types of maths exercises. It is best suited for teaching primary school students and can record their best times, providing an incentive for them to improve their results.

When first launching the application, you are prompted to begin setting up a range of exercises. These can be scheduled to run at the start of each session, daily or weekly.

As students progress through them, the program displays how many of them still need to be completed, as well as the current and best time for each exercise.

Additionally, it is possible to have the application display pictures from a specified folder after each test is completed.

JXCirrus Maths allows you to create personalized tests for division, addition, subtraction and times tables. You can assign a custom label to each one, to help students recognize them.

The application allows you to choose which number ranges can be used for each exercise, the order the questions should be asked in, as well as the total number of queries.

From a visual standpoint, JXCirrus Maths is quite disappointing. The program's interface is very outdated and its overall menu design and layout is uninspired.

When using the application to teach multiple students, it can be useful to have a way of saving the current exercise list to a separate file, then loading it when it is needed. Sadly, the only way to create multiple test files is to copy and rename the one created by the program.

Overall, JXCirrus Maths is a straightforward tool, designed to help you teach mathematics to young students, by creating and running various types of exercises. However, it features an outdated interface and does not offer an easy way of managing multiple exercise sets.