KaPlaRe (Karaoke Player and Recorder, sounds like italian "kantare" or singing) is based on KaReK source, but without drum part (N'keybDrum).

Everything is DirectX, sync music and text is with DirectX music time, audio effects on midi files are DirectMusic, audio effect on wave files and voice are DirectSound, drum sets are DirectMusic Producer files (segmetnt and style).Any additional job is done in separate window.

Recording is done with ACM (audio compression manager ) which means that you can save wave file with mp3 codec in it. Karaoke window shows 4 line of text, first two display words in rhythm, there is also a full screen mode.

The audio player is a small window with Windows Media Player controls for playing recorded wave file or any mp3 or wave file.

Furthermore, KaPlaRe will offer you the possibility to export drum track from MIDI files to HTML drum tab format.