Kazaap is the world's fastest Spyware & Adware removal utility, scanning and removing malware in just a few seconds! Even the most vicious malware programs like CoolWebSearch and Look2Me are no match for this powerful anti-malware solution.

Featuring a refined detection and quarantine process, Kazaap successfully roots out all types of spyware, adware, and other unwanted programs. Kazaap continuously protects you with minimal disruption by operating silently in the background and updating threat definitions automatically to defend against new threats

Many programmers and commercial firms have released products designed to remove or block malware. Programs such as Lavasoft's Ad-Aware and Patrick Kolla's Spybot - Search & Destroy rapidly gained popularity as effective tools to remove malware programs. The programs inspect the contents of the Windows Registry, the operating system files, and installed programs, and removes files and entries which match a list of known malware components. The biggest draw-back of this method is the cumbersome scanning process – the scan takes too long (a scan can take up to an hour), and newer malware that are not listed on the applications' definition file go unnoticed.

Kazaap's patent pending technology overcomes this problem by utilizing what is known as a "reverse lookup" methodology – instead of relying on a definition file to scan the entire registry, memory and hard drive, it inspects key infection points and cross reference them with its data base to quickly identify and root out infections from your system. Utilizing this method, Kazaap can not only achieve ground braking speed, but can identify the latest infections that have not been cataloged yet.

Kazaap instantly scan and remove all Adware, Dialers, Error Hijackers, Homepage Hijackers, Hostile ActiveX, Key Loggers, Remote Hacking Tools, Search Hijackers, Spyware, Trackware, Trojan Downloaders, Trojans, Worm and Viruses. All removed infections are quarantined and can easily be restored at any time. To list all of the Malware that Kazaap removes would be impractical, but below is a list of the top 100 notorious Pests that Kazaap tackles:

■ 180SearchAssistant

■ 180Solutions

■ 2020Search

■ 404Search

■ ABetterInternet

■ ActualNames

■ AdBlaster

■ Adtomi

■ AdultLinks

■ ATGames

■ Bagle Worm

■ BargainBuddy

■ BazookaBar

■ BDE Projector

■ Bonzi/BonziBuddy

■ BookedSpace

■ BrowserAid

■ BrowserPal

■ CashBar/CashToolbar

■ Claria (Gator)

■ ClearSearch

■ CleverIEHooker

■ ClickTheButton

■ ClientMan

■ Comet Systems/CometCursor

■ CoolSavings

■ CoolWebSearch/CWS Hijacker

■ CrackedEarth

■ CSearch

■ Cydoor

■ DailyWinner

■ Direct Revenue

■ Dope Wars

■ DownloadWare

■ DownSeek

■ DSSAgent

■ EasyBar

■ EasySearch

■ Ebates/MoneyMaker

■ EUniverse

■ EXact Advertising

■ ExactSearchBar

■ ExitFuel

■ EZSearch

■ Ezula/TopText

■ FastSeeker

■ FavoriteMan

■ FlashEnhancer

■ FlashTrack

■ GoHip

■ HotBar

■ HuntBar

■ IEHelper

■ I-Lookup

■ IncrediFind

■ INetBar

■ InstaFinder

■ IntermixMedia.KeenValue

■ IntermixMedia.PowerSearch

■ ISearch toolbar

■ ISTbar

■ IWon

■ Keenware

■ Look2me

■ Lop.com

■ LoudMarketing

■ Lycos Sidesearch

■ MarketScore

■ Media Tickets

■ MegaToolbar

■ My Search

■ MyCoolScreen

■ MyDailyHoroscope

■ MyWay

■ NCase