Kee is a Firefox extension, with open-source code, that helps users encrypt and automatically save their passwords for all websites they access.

The Kee extension can serve users who need to securely save, synchronize, and manage their passwords for website login. After signing up for an account and setting your master password (the one that allows accessing the service and the rest of your login data), you can start saving and categorizing credentials according to your personal needs.

Additionally, users have the option to expand the password manager's functionality by using the counterpart KeeVault web application for managing and classifying a password data at more granular level. At the same time, KeeVault enables access to extended database storing capabilities, plus: a feature that allows users to attach small documents/files to the login data for a website (besides the username, password, notes, and tags associated with one website entry), encrypted data exports, and Argon2-protected entries (a key derivation function based on a hashing algorithm that reduces risks of data-trade-off attacks).

The Kee browser enhancer is a super-versatile password manager. Why? Besides offering full transparency in regards to its encryption and data protection methods and allowing extended functionalities via the KeeVault web app, Kee can also be connected and synchronized to the KeePass Password Safe program (or its portable alternative — KeePass Password Safe Portable).

First, install the KeePass application that allows creating a database for password storage. After the desktop app is configured, the user must download the free, open-source plugin KeePassRPC (from GitHub) that connects the Kee browser extension to the KeePass program installed on your PC. The plugin should be added in the KeePass plugins folder (most commonly) located at C:Program Files (x86)KeePass Password Safe 2Plugins.

After adding the plugin (KeePassRPC.plgx) to the indicated folder, the user must restart the desktop app. By doing so, the Firefox add-on and the desktop app will start communicating with each other automatically. Every time you add and save a new password in your browser using the Kee extension, that piece of data will be copied in your local KeePass database saved on your PC.

Considering the browser enhancer offers a bunch of free resources and installation alternatives, plus external connection with open-source software, and initiation guides for you to easily get started with, Kee is a truly flexible and adaptable password management tool.

As a Firefox extension, Kee is a simple and quick solution for those who need its basic password storage capabilities. However, when it comes to connecting it to external databases, the process requires a more tech-knowledgeable user, or at least the openness to try to understand the process. It may seem a bit difficult at first, but it is totally worth getting a grasp on the Kee and KeeVault/KeePass integration.

After all, being able to access the data logins easily, and to export and match these functions with your physical machine are advantageous traits, especially for those users who daily access a lot of accounts and need higher security levels.