Keeper is a password manager whose purpose is to help you store all your passwords, account numbers, website logins, card numbers, bank details, or private information in a secure way.

The program can be run on Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8. The Windows 8 GUI looks different from the one present in other Windows operating systems but they share a thing in common: they both look highly intuitive.

We have tested the Windows 8 version. Before gaining access to the tool’s features, you are required to set up an account and master password. The password stands as a protective shield that is activated each time you minimize or open the utility.

You are given the freedom to organize your passwords with the aid of different folders. Adding a new item can be accomplished by providing details about the folder, title, login, password, login URL, custom fields, as well as notes. In addition, you are allowed to convert the characters of your password to random values.

Keeper offers you the possibility to back up your records to Keeper’s Cloud Security Vault so you can easily restore the information in case things don’t go according to the plan.

Keeper lets you change the looks of the layout by selecting between several themes. You can make the application automatically log out after a user-defined number of seconds, hide password characters, automatically synchronize records, reset the master password, and delete all records.

You can enable a self-destruction mode which automatically erases Keeper data in case the password is introduced incorrectly five times.

All in all, Keeper provides the secure destination where you can store your passwords. The version put to the test is suitable for personal purposes, as it comes with support for a single device, one user account, unlimited password storage, encrypted cloud backup, secure sharing, and web app access.

In case you are looking for advanced or business plans, you can check out other editions on the program’s official website. Professional features include unlimited devices, secure sharing, multi-device sync options, and admin console.