KeepITsafe is Ireland's leading backup provider, removing all trouble and risk associated with manual backup.

Fully automated backup - Backups occur automatically over the Internet or via private network connection. No manual staff intervention is required

Rapid recovery - A unique delta restore technology automatically recovers only the data that has changed since your last backup, not the entire file or database. This dramatically speeds recovery and lets you resume operations immediately after a data loss

Built-in protection of open files and databases - The keepITsafe solution provides built-in support for open file and database backup without complex plug-ins or costly third-party tools

Web-based management - Through a Web portal interface, you have point-and-click access to your data - at any time, from anywhere - for simplified backup and recovery


1. Daily Backup your files, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange Server, Lotus Domino / Notes and Oracle

2. Fully automated. No administration required.

3. Send business data offsite to a secure data center

4. Protect business data against natural disasters, e.g. fire, flood.

5. Save you time and money

6. Easy to deploy and maintain


1. Easy to use web interface

2. Customisable backup schedule allows backup to be scheduled at any time

3. Compress and encrypt data automatically before sending them to the server (server stores only encrypted data)

4. Increment backup strategy ensures that only new or updated files are sent to backup server

5. Backup Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 / 2000, Microsoft Exchange Server 2000 / 2003, Lotus Domino / Notes 5.0 or above and Oracle 8i/9i (support both full / incremental backup)

6. Access backup data anytime, anywhere by using a browser

7. Comprehensive backup report lists all files being backup. Backup report will be delivered to user automatically via email when each backup job completed.

8. Backup data are CRC validated before they are stored on server.

9. Customisable data retention policy allows user to access files even when they have been deleted.

10. Select files to be backed up easily by using backup filter, e.g. selecting all *.doc and *.xls in your computer in a single operation

11. Run any custom OS commands before/after a backup job.

12. Run on Windows, Mac OS X, NetWare, Unix, Linux and all other platforms supporting a Java2 Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.3.1 or above

13. LiveUpdate allows patches to be deployed easily

14. System activity report, showing all backup system information, will be delivered to user via email everyday.


1. Point-to-point SSL communication between server and client

2. Support HTTP/HTTPS Proxy and Socks v4/v5 firewall

3. Data are 128-bit encrypted when stored on backup server

4. Choice of different encryption algorithms, e.g. TwoFish, Triple DES, Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)

5. Choice of different encryption modes, e.g. Electronic Cook Book (ECB) and Cipher Block Chaining (CBC)

6. An random initialising vector, salt and iteration count will be generated by the software automatically when encrypting your data

7. Each backup user can restrict online access to his files to his pre-defined list of IP addresses

Restricted access to premises and controlled access to computer room facility - For added security a very limited number of Secure Technologies Networks staff have access to the computer room facility in which Secure Technologies is stored.

Easily select the files and folders to be backed up -

Files and folders can be individually selected, or you can create filters to automatically select your specific files. Select the file(s) you would like to restore - You can select any number of files that you would like to restore. This is useful if you accidentally delete a file or need an older version of a document you are working on. In addition to this, if some of your data becomes infected with a virus, you can restore a previous (un-infected) version of the file, and continue working without any delays.


All data is encrypted so that it is unreadable to anyone who may view it, including Secure Technologies operational staff - For optimal security all data is encrypted so that no one can view your valuable information. The data is encrypted before it leaves your computer. This means that it is completely safe while it is on its way to our server. The data is then stored on the server in its encrypted form. This is an extremely important feature of Secure Technologies because users, understandably, want their data to remain as secure as possible.

All data is compressed for transmission - To save you time and ISP connection costs all files on your computer are compressed before they are sent for backup.

Comprehensive Log file

Secure Technologies has a detailed Log File that provides information on each of your backups. This information includes the backup size before and after compression, the number of compressed files, warning, errors, time of backup etc.


You can use keepITsafe 100MB package for free

250MB $4 Per Month

500MB $7 Per Month

1GB $14 Per Month

5GB $30 Per Month

10GB $50 Per Month