A PST file is a data storage file that contains your personal information used by Microsoft Outlook and Exchange. These include e-mail folders, contacts, addresses, and other data.

Outlook PST Viewer is a software solution that allows you to view damaged, corrupt, or inaccessible PST files.

It doesn't matter what exactly cause the corruption of the files, be it partition failure, CRC, etc.; this tool will help you view the PST file in no time.

The recovery process is fairly simple as all you have to si browse the PST file to add it, insert the credentials of your Office 365 account, map the files to the mailbox, and import the PST files.

All this is done to make sure that pretty much any user can perform this file importing without the need of experience, technical knowledge, or the help of the IT department.

Outlook PST Viewer helps you filter the PST data before you start importing to the Office 365 mailboxes. This includes properties such as date range, recipient, type, etc., and you can exclude the ones that are of no interest to you.

A neat feature is that you do not need administrative permissions to access your data since all you need is your Office 365 credentials for the login to import the files.

The app has the option of migrating multiple mailboxes in a single attempt, but this requires mapping and administrative credentials. Office 365 admins can use a CSV file to automate the PST files'  mapping process.

Once the file importing in done, you can save the process log in a CSV file for later viewing, allowing you to see any possible errors, along with a full report of all the files transferred.

Outlook PST Viewer is both easy to use and gets the job done effectively, making it a handy tool to have in case your files get unexpectedly corrupted.