It can take hours, days, maybe even years before a database can be finished. The worst case scenario that can happen during or after it's done is a partition corruption or an accidental deletion that can lead to the loss of all the data stored.

Kernel Recovery for DBF is a professional tool created to deal with those problems and help you repair DBF files created in a variety of DBMS applications

The first thing that crosses your mind as you open the app is the term "user-friendly", as the entire UI is targeted towards less technical users. The icons and menus are self-descriptive, thus allowing you to be done with your file recovery process with just a few clicks of your mouse.

The app offers support to several DBMS as long as the created files are in DBF format. This includes FoxBASE, MS Visual FoxPro dBase, and Sybase.

Using this app is as easy as it can get: you browse for the DBF file you need repairing, you wait for the app to process the data, and you're done.

Note that after the repairing is complete. you can type in a prefix which lets you customize all of your files post-repair so that you can tell which files were alright and which underwent the repair procedure.

However, before you save the file, you can preview what the DBF file looks like on the inside so that you can make sure everything was repaired correctly.

While the steps that need to be taken are simple, the app's search and repair algorithm aren't. It can repair anything starting from indexes and tables to unique keys. More so, the app supports recovering multiple files in one go.

Given how fast and easy you can potentially save a database that required lots of hours to create make Kernel Recovery for DBF an excellent tool to have for anyone