Music can nowadays be completely composed on a computer, without the need of actual instruments. On the other hand, specialized applications can help practice and even teach you a thing or two, which is also the case with KeyboardTools, especially handy if you have a MIDI device hooked to your PC.

With the application launched, you can easily get acquainted with the various features and functions, especially if you’re already familiar with notes and notations. A virtual keyboard is at your disposal, but you can only interact with it through the mouse, because there’s no support for your computer keyboard.

There are three major modes, such as scales, chords, and a custom mode of operation. Scales help you learn music theory, with neat visual representation on the interface keyboard. You can choose notes, as well as octaves. You get to select the notes of interest, and even choose a different MIDI instrument for playback.

The chords mode functions in a similar manner, while the custom mode makes it possible to pick notes of interest. Volume is adjusted from a dedicated slider, and you can change the piano mode, and switch components of selected chords. There’s the possibility to print out keyboard sheets.

Visual design can be tweaked from the preferences menu, with options for display font, key shapes and textures, default display, and more. You can use a built-in metronome, as well as some extra tools like practice to enable playback of a file to see if you can keep up, as well as the circle of fifths for a detailed overview of notes.

All things considered, we can state that KeyboardTools is a powerful tool to keep around in order to learn the basics, and advanced tricks to play an actual keyboard. You can connect a MIDI device for an enhanced experience, and even print out custom sheets of notes.