KeyPass adds a security feature to your private information - this software application is able to store your passwords in a single database.

It is highly recommended in case you share your computer with multiple users. Thus, you can increase the level of privacy of your data.

Upon program initialization, you are required to set a master password. Its value can be later changed from the "Preferences" section.

The interface of KeyPass comes with a clean and professional-looking layout where your notes can be organized by their type - applications, bookmarks, credit cards and PIN numbers. New categories can be created as well.

KeyPass allows you to add new entries and specify a web address and password fields, as well as customize the login script (e.g. key, delay time). Additional properties can be modified in regard to the entry speed, favorite status, expiration date, security tags, file attachments and associations.

Add new entries to the database and configure several settings

Furthermore, you can use a search function along with a backup and restore system, import and export data, and view database information. From the "Preferences" area you can set KeyPass to automatically run and to lock at system startup, define default web browsers or apps, generate random passwords, enable automatic run, lock and backup, synchronize data with the contents of a remote reference database, as well as configure hotkeys and global variables.

The tool needs a low amount of system resources and includes a help file. KeyPass did not freeze, crash or pop up errors during our tests. It should become a must-have app for any user who wants to maximize the security level of his digitally-formatted information. Thanks to the user-friendly interface, KeyPass is easy to figure out, even by inexperienced individuals.