KeyScrambler Professional is a reliable and efficient software utility designed as a plugin for all the popular web browsers, protecting you against keyloggers.

The most important function of KeyScrambler Professional is its ability to instantly encrypt any credentials you type in a web browser, and you can see the encryption process as it happens, thanks to the splash screen positioned at the top of the window. The plugin's splash screen can later be placed anywhere on your desktop, so you know where to locate it.

The utility works well with over thirty Internet browsers, ensuring your credentials can never be stolen by dangerous programs. It can even work on computers that have suffered security breaches, as it provides you with a preventive type of protection.

KeyScrambler Professional runs minimized in the system tray, and every time you enter your credentials on a webpage, your username, email address or password are automatically encrypted, thus becoming unusable for any keylogger program.

Similarly, the plugin can be turned off from the tray with just one click. However, you also have the option of enabling the use of hotkeys (CTRL + SHIFT+ K) to turn on / off KeyScrambler Professional.

Aside from encrypting letters, numbers and other characters in your password, this plugin also allows you to encrypt the 'Space' key, this way leaving no escape option for those trying to steal your account details.

KeyScrambler Professional can also be used quite successfully for online games, keeping your passwords safe by instantly encrypting them. This way, no one can have access to your accounts without you allowing it.

Seeing how Internet security has become a great concern lately, it is understandable that additional protection measures are required to keep your personal information a secret. KeyScrambler Professional can play a great part in averting an important number of security risks.