Keeping an eye on your PC’s characteristics, regardless of the purpose, can be done in many ways, some more efficient, some less. The use of keyloggers for monitoring PC activity is not only a more elegant solution but also a potential archiving method, as all the recorded data is neatly stored. In the same fashion as its “bigger brother”, KeyTurion Free Keylogger promises to offer a compact yet capable monitoring package, with functions that cover the scope of most such endeavors.

As with KeyTurion, this edition of the app also comes packed with the same, large, legible toggle button for the monitoring process. No complex configurations required, if you wish to enable or disable the keylogger, simply use the switch. Nice and simple.

All of the tools and features that come with the app are adjusted in the sense that they maximize accessibility and therefore facilitate the configuration for novices or those who simply aren’t keen on going through complex steps.

Thanks to the provided side-ribbon, which relies on a system of tabs for deploying its features, users will be able to address the monitoring process from a logical, step-by-step approach.

What that means, is that starting from the main tab, which contains an overview of all the recorded data, the information then “trickles down” into individual categories, which allow for better dissemination of the monitored processes, which consequently, results in an easier interaction and more immediate results.

For those who take PC monitoring seriously, and are on the look-out for a simple but consistent-enough software solution, this freeware version of KeyTurion is a quite noteworthy contender. It is filled with useful tools that require little or no adjustment, yet powerful enough when it comes to more demanding demeanors.