KEYWIN is a task automation utility, allowing you to assign various keys to common actions, which will be performed in a faster and more comfortable way than you manually used to.

Sometimes, even the simplest of tasks can take a fair amount of time to perform, leading most often to a decrease in efficiency and productivity.

In order to streamline your workflow, an application such as WINKEY is much needed, because it helps you minimize the efforts you’d be putting into accomplishing the job manually.

KEYWIN approaches users with a simple, yet efficient method of saving time while accomplishing everything you need to. It runs silently in the system tray, from where you can enable or disable it easily, as well as to manage the key assignment list.

In KEYWIN, every action is based on a key combination composed from the Windows key (hence its name) and any other key(s) you want. When you create a new assignment, you’ll be redirected to a separate dialog, where a keyboard layout allows you to select the key combination that will trigger the specified task.

The list of actions that can be performed using KEYWIN includes opening a link, shutdown operations, volume adjustments, opening Office components, Notepad or Windows Media player, as well as monitor turn off and CD actions (play, pause, eject), to name just a few.

Hotkeys can be enabled or disabled using this window only, seeing as it is not permitted from the assignment list. The latter only displays the active or inactive key combinations, without the possibility to remove them, which is a bit odd to be truthful.

On an ending note, KEYWIN is a good alternative to performing common tasks manually, but it could use a friendlier and more flexible approach in what the key assignments are concerned.