KGB'secrets Advanced Personal Edition. Self-development software KGB'secrets is based upon some of secret technologies. It will help you to develop your visual processing speed, general attention, visual memory, logics multiple objects tracking, short term (working) memory, thus it will increase your brain capacity and much more.

You can learn the basic spy habits for some days, you just have to do five simple exercises (Statics, Transpositions, Flashes, Moves, Super Moves).

In the exercises are used chess-board and chess-men of different colors. First you have to click "Start". Chess-men will appear on the board. You have to remember the position and click "OK". Then you must restore the position on chess-board and press "OK" once again. It is really easy! If you fail, you can click "Answer" and see right decision.


■ Pentium 75 MHz or higher processor

■ 16 Mb of RAM

■ 10 Mb of free disk space

■ SVGA monitor (960x720) or better

■ Mouse


■ 10 day trial

■ 2 levels per exercise