Kidcare Instant Screenshot is a reliable tool that allows you to monitor the activity of children or other users while you are away. The software is capable of taking periodical screenshots of the desktop activity. The images can be stored for a specified period of time on your computer, then are automatically erased.

Kidcare Instant Screenshot can save periodical screenshots that depict the user’s activity on the computer, which makes it a suitable monitoring tool. The application is lightweight and runs in the background, hidden, in order not to be detected by the monitored children.

You can maximize its interface in order to change the settings, by pressing the designated hotkey combination, the Ctrl, Alt and a custom key you need to specify before hiding the software’s interface. You can further restrict the access to this application by setting a password, required for unlocking the interface.

Kidcare Instant Screenshot’s main interface allows you to set the time interval at which the screenshots should be taken. The snapshots are saved on your computer, in a designated folder without notifying the user. As an administrator, you may easily view them, by accessing the path from the Replay menu in the application’s interface.

The images can be stored for a minimum of 24h and a maximum of 14 days. Once you set time interval and the storage period, the software can instantly estimate the required disk space. Smaller interval and longer storage periods require more space.

Kidcare Instant Screenshot can also protect the screenshots it creates from unauthorised access, using the same password as for unlocking the interface. This is why you need to make sure you do not forget the hotkey combination, nor the password, since there is no other way to access the application’s interface.