Kidsґ arithmetic diagrams and tables is an application that comes with exercises for kids in mental arithmetic and speed.

Exercises for kids on computers (arithmetic etc) have a hard time competing

with the various computer games that kids become engrossed in. Nevertheless these excercises have a value and are useful if they can be easily accessed and used on a regular basis.

The conclusion is that they must be :

enjoyable to do and rewarding (progress with answers),

simple in structure,

quick and easy to start,

flexible (adaptable to skill),

limited in scope (1 or 5 exercises ...; 5 or 10 minutes or whatever the situation requires)

easy to do alone, with friends or together with a parent (teacher).

Exercises in mental arithmetic and speed. Traditional numbers and

arithmetic exercises for kids.

Give an overview and are adaptable to skill level. Show progress.

Quick to start. Easy to use. For short or longer exercises.

The program instructions are in the following languages:





■ Microsoft Excel


■ Print-disabled