With Kigo DisneyPlus Video Downloader, originality is indeed an issue. Why? Basically, because it uses an already known formula to create something that is somewhat useful to a group of users. In other words, as the name suggests, this app is a video downloader for those individuals who need to have their shows with them at all given times, even when the internet connection is not feasible. The app does manage to offer what it advertises.

There are plenty of settings that can be adjusted, especially for the way your downloads will operate. Aside from this aspect, there isn't much to talk about, especially since the menu and options, themselves, will seem quite familiar if you own any other products from this developer or have simply tried other solutions that offer the same functionality. There is a tutorial for beginners, and it is helpful.

Don't forget, though. This is not a free pass for Disney+. You still need to have a valid account with a subscription associated if you want to make this program work. Otherwise, you can't download anything. The account can be added right in the settings menu. Once again, if you've dealt with similar solutions, it shouldn't be hard at all. Kigo DisneyPlus Video Downloader might not be original, but it manages to offer users a simple way to grab Disney+ videos for offline use.