One of the striking features of Windows operating systems is their ability to multitask efficiently. However, sometimes this mechanism falters and users are faced with very slow feedback timers and even prolonged periods of unresponsiveness. To prevent such issues, one can employ a dedicated process terminator and @Kill is just one such program. With it, one can effectively close multiple applications that match a given search query.

The tool is very simple to use: one only needs to insert the name of the desired program and the utility will automatically close any processes matching partially or fully the given search query. This setup eliminates the need for users to have any knowledge about Windows processes - for example, one does not need to know PID values to close programs.

This being said, more advanced users will appreciate the tools' ability to employ command line parameters. There are two complementary modes of operation: one can list processes matching a search query and users can also terminate these applications. Both these tasks can be performed from the minimalistic one-window GUI, or from the command line prompt.

While the two modes can be used in pairs, no dependency is implied, as one can terminate a process without actually making a list of all matching entries. Similarly, local TXT lists of running programs can be created, without actually having to close any of them. This operation can be useful when feeding the text document into another tool.

All things considered, the tool is an asset for anyone faced with multiple running processes slowing down the system. It can effectively shut down several running programs and can also be employed to generate lists of all or selected applications.