Preparing your children entering the public education system is always a good idea, but getting them interested in the process is another matter altogether. Preschool children are not known for having great attention spans, but you can teach them quite a few things if you employ the right method.

Kindergarten Activities is a user-friendly educational program that can help kindergarten and pre-K children learn more about colors, letters, numbers, shapes, math and various other concepts.

Even though we often get the feeling that young children are constantly looking for new ways to hurt themselves, they manage to acquire a considerable amount of knowledge in their first few years. Because of this, certain exercises may prove to be too difficult for some kids, and too simple for others.

Thankfully, Kindergarten Activities splits these lessons into two modules, one aimed at pre-K children, and the other designed for older users who are already in kindergarten.

The application can teach users how to tell the difference between various colors and shapes, memorize letters and numbers, learn basic mathematical concepts and match certain objects based on specific criteria.

A mouse is all that is required to complete the exercises, as it is usually only necessary to click various objects, move them to the right place or trace certain shapes.

Once a number of lessons have been completed, users are allowed to pick a badge and place it in a chest. This can help keep children motivated, along with the encouraging voice recordings.

The application’s visual design is sure to appeal to young children, and the menus are very intuitive, which means that they are not likely to need any help while navigating through the lessons.

The cute animated panda is the user’s constant companion, and he lets your children know when they have given an incorrect answer, while congratulating them when the right solution is provided.

All in all, Kindergarten Activities is an intuitive application that offers multiple fun educational games for preschool children. It can help you teach various concepts in an entertaining manner, and it features a simple, user-friendly interface.