KingConvert MP3 Audio Converter is a lightweight software application whose purpose is to help you extract the audio streams from videos and export the results to MP3 or other audio formats. It is also able to work with DVDs, CDs, and VCDs.

You are welcomed by a straightforward layout that looks easy to decode. You can import the content of an entire folder to the list. The tool reveals information about each file, such as name, duration, target type, output size, status, estimated time, and path.

You may import clips with different file formats, such as AVI, MPEG, MPG, MOV, ASF, FLV, and DAT. What’s more, you are allowed to remove the selected items from the list or clear the entire workspace with a single click, start, pause, or stop the conversion process, as well as convert only the selected items.

The built-in media player lets you play, pause, or stop the current selection, seek for a position in the video streams, adjust the volume, and take snapshots with the preferred frames.

You are allowed to choose between several output profiles, namely MP3, AAC, AC3, AIFF, AU, M4A, OGG, WAV, WMA, and FLAC, pick the saving directory and open it directly from the main window, and check out the log about conversion details and possible errors.

Other important configuration settings worth being mentioned enable you to adjust the video resolution and video/audio quality, tweak the volume, select the target subtitle or chapter, and split large video files.

KingConvert MP3 Audio Converter gives you the possibility to pick the folder where snapshots are stored, automatically delete unfinished files, set up the maximum number of simultaneous running tasks, and trigger an action at the end of the conversion task, namely shut down the computer or exit the program.

On the downside, KingConvert MP3 Audio Converter has not been updated for a long time so you can make use of its capabilities especially on older operating systems, like Windows 2K, XP, Vista, 7, and 2003.

All things considered, KingConvert MP3 Audio Converter comes packed with several handy features for helping you convert video files to songs, and can be configured by rookies and professionals alike.