As the name of this software implies, Kingconvert PMP Video Converter allows you to turn audio tracks and video files (e.g. MP3, WAV, AVI, FLV, VOB) into formats supports by portable media players, namely MP4, RM, WMV and AVI.

The interface of the application is plain and simple to navigate through. Media files can be imported into the file queue by using the file browser or folder tree ("drag and drop" is unsupported). Processing multiple media files at once is possible.

In the file list you can check out the name, duration, target type, output size, status time and location of each entry. After you establish the destination folder and target profile, you can initiate the conversion procedure by using the default settings.

Furthermore, you can preview clips in a small, built-in media player and capture frames, view file properties, as well as remove an item from the list or clear the entire file queue.

In "Options" you can set Kingconvert PMP Video Converter to minimize to the system tray, check for program updates and to delete unfinished files automatically, as well as to run in the background. But you can also set the number of maximum simultaneous running tasks and post-task action (e.g. close application, shut down computer).

The video processing program supports multiple skins and languages for the interface. It quickly finishes a task while using a moderate amount of CPU and system memory. The response time is good and Kingconvert PMP Video Converter includes a help file. The output videos have a fair image and sound quality.

On the downside, you cannot change audio and video settings (e.g. frame rate, resolution, quality, channel mode). Plus, Kingconvert PMP Video Converter crashed a couple of times during the conversion operation in our tests. There have not been any recent updates.