Sharing information, thoughts on lived experiences and photos is something you’ve certainly done at least once since you’ve been connected to the Internet.

Some have developed a need to stay engaged in sharing over the Word Wide Web and for this, applications such as Kloverpoint have been designed. The latter is a piece of software especially made to help you create and publish content over the Internet.

As an application Kloverpoint sits somewhere in between a personal blog editor and a social network platform, taking what’s most important from both and even adding a couple of things.

With it you are able to create multiple web pages under a personal profile then publish and share them for everyone to see. You can distribute the content you create to other Kloverpoint platform users or to other social networking websites.

As far as what your page can contain, you’re free to add text, images, Flash clips, tables iFrames, hyperlinks and much more. You can upload photos to the web service's servers and from there easily insert them into your posts.

Kloverpoint offers a considerable amount of attention to how your posts or can look like and provides a text editor that offers both basic functions and some more advanced ones which are often overlooked in dedicated editors.

You can change the font style and its size, text alignment, add special characters, subscripts and superscripts, hyperlinks, anchors and a lot more. If you’re familiar to HTML, the application also grants you the use of a simpler text editor in which you can edit code directly.

With the above to consider and much more to discover, it’s safe to say that Kloverpoint offers you almost everything you need in order to create elaborate posts and share them with others.