Any large company has to deal with numerous emails from clients, associates, users and so on. If these are not well organized and prioritized, employees may end up with a huge backlog that they can’t hope to get through unless they have some assistance.

Knowmail is a software solution designed to function as an artificial intelligence for your email. It scans and analyzes the user’s incoming and outgoing mail in order to learn their communication habits, and then prioritizes messages based on their urgency.

Additionally, the application is designed to provide other useful information by inspecting the user’s mail account, such as estimated time to completion.

While Knowmail is also available for other platforms, such as iOS and Android devices, this particular application enables you to manage your Microsoft Outlook 365/Exchange account from your desktop. Once installed, it will begin analyzing user activity in order to provide accurate estimates and prioritize emails correctly.

Moreover, the application was designed to display your messages in a new conversation structure, and users can choose which messages should be displayed based on their priority, as well as sort them in various ways. Of course, you can still use the standard Outlook inbox at any time if you wish.

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