Electronic books (more commonly known as e-books) are gaining more and more ground mainly due to their portability and compact size (you can fit numerous e-books on a single reading device).

Kobo Converter can become your go-to solution if you typically read your e-books in Kobo Desktop and you want to convert them to other formats - this can help you read them on more devices.

The application can automatically load all the files you currently have in your default e-book reading software.

You only need to open Kobo Desktop, Digital Editions or NOOK, then press the corresponding button and all the e-books you own are loaded. Drag and drop actions are also supported.

Alternatively, you can manually browse to the location of various e-book files, such as ePub, PDF, HTMLZ, RTF or TXT.

A handy function is that of filtering the source files, so that only the e-books added after the last conversion are kept in the main window.

Choose output format

As soon as you created the list of e-books that you want to convert, you need to select the destination format. Kobo Converter can help you enjoy your electronic books in PDF, ePub, Mobi, RTF, TXT, HTMLZ.

You can also replace the default output folder with a custom path of your choosing.

Another nifty feature of Kobo Converter is that you can alter the paper size as you see fit. You can choose between the following sizes: letter, A4, A5, A3, B4, B5 or B6.

In a nutshell, you can take Kobo Converter for a spin if you are looking for a tool to help you convert e-books to other formats without too much hassle.