Japanese gardens have always been a staple of what it meant turning your backyard into a work of art. At the center of any Japanese garden, there's usually a fish pond full of Koi fish.

Koi Fish 3D Screensaver is an app that was designed to bring you the beauty of a koi fish pong onto your monitor.

The fish are modeled using an advanced 3D rendering engine, while the textures are not a letdown at all.

More so, the fluid water animation couples with realistic ripple and light reflections make you believe you are hovering above a pond and watching over real fish.

The beauty is in the details as even the scales seem to reflect the light realistically, which is probably the result of using pixel shading. It's not only the fish that seem life-like, but also the vegetation. 

The lily pads and fallen leaves all float under the effect of the water they are floating on, and the rocks at the bottom of the pond seem real as well

While viewing the koi pond goes without issues in screensaver mode, when using the app as animated wallpaper, certain performance drops were observed.

Curiously enough, the app didn't register as having any effect on the overall memory usage, but the performance spikes are visible.

It goes without saying that such after effects were almost to be expected given the visuals the program delivers.

If the app has too much of an effect on your system's performance, several features can be adjusted or disabled to ensure everything runs smoothly. For example, you can adjust the screen resolution, aspect ratio, sound, and music volume or the overall graphics quality.

Fortunately, scrolling the graphics quality cursor halfway between max and minimal settings only seem ed to reduce a bit of the light blooming effects, while the increase in FPS was greatly noticeable.

Watching fish can be very relaxing, and while not everyone can afford to live near a body of water, or own a house where they can have their pond, Koi Fish 3D Screensaver is available to anyone with a PC and a little bit of imagination.