KooRaRoo Media is a straightforward and effective application worth having when you need to stream your media files such as videos and personal photos, then enjoy them on your home DLNA enabled devices, including TVs, Blu-Ray players, game consoles (XBox360 and PS3), tablets, smart phones and other dedicated media players.

DLNA, also referred to as Digital Living Network Alliance, enables you to share digital media files between multimedia devices and since it uses UPnP technology (Universal Plug and Play), it supports various devices that are able to connect to your computer via a USB cable. This way, you are able to exchange media content between compatible devices on your home network.

When you launch KooRaRoo Media for the first time, some default folders are automatically recognized by the application. Additionally, you can add a new disk folder, playlist or online URL address by accessing the proper button from the main toolbar.

After choosing all the folders you are interested in, you can easily start the server, then manage all the connected devices effortlessly.

Compared to other products of its kind, KooRaRoo Media works straight without using much memory and allows you to work even from the beginning with default settings, or you can completely customize them to suit your personal whims.

The left panel, entitled ‘My Folders’, enables you to view all your media files organized by Artist, Album, Genre, Year and Top Rated. In this manner, all your personal files are arranged in playlists that can be dragged around the library tree.

By accessing the Actions menu, you are able to modify the MPAA rating, reset the play count, play the selected media library to a specific device, open the containing folder or simply enable burned-in subtitles.

To conclude, KooRaRoo Media proves to be an effective and steady solution when it comes to streaming your media files to a wide range of devices and accessing them with ease.