KooRaRoo Media Free is an application designed to use devices which support DLNA in order to stream movies, music and photo slideshows. With it you are able to view multimedia content and share it across your TV, gaming console, tablet or phone.

Despite its seemingly complicated purpose, KooRaRoo Media Free is easy to install and use. After running the installer, the application makes its way onto your computer in a few seconds and is ready to use immediately after that.

From its main window you have access to server configuration, shared files and device connections. Within a few clicks it’s possible to add folders that contain multimedia content and direct it to a specific device without any hassle.

Since the application is compatible with devices from a wide range of popular manufacturers, it’s expected that some of them might not support the same formats and for this reason KooRaRoo Media Free is fitted with an automatic conversion feature.

It can transcode the source files into formats which are not only compatible but also optimized for the devices on which they are about to be played. This feature alone makes the application a valuable asset to any modern home or office that uses streaming.

Moreover, it doesn't even matter if the devices and server are connected through a cable or wireless network as KooRaRoo Media Free can stream either way. The only thing that will make a difference is your bandwidth.

Having a well structured media database is important for an application of this kind. Besides the fact that you can store content in numerous custom folders, it’s also possible to mark them with an MPAA rating in order to block private files.

With the above being only a part of what KooRaRoo Media Free can do, it’s safe to say that if you’re looking to stream multimedia content to all your devices, then you can certainly give it a run.