Your memory cannot be entrusted with every detail in your day to day activities. Technology provides several ways of keeping personal info safe, one of which being specialized applications like KPassC. It gives you the possibility to leave your credentials in good hands and access them wherever you are, as long as there's an active Internet connection.

Every time the application runs you are required to enter a security key which is used as a template to encrypt your data and keep it safe. Doing so brings up the main window with all available entries. If someone else is also storing credentials in the same application, you are can view them, but they remain inaccessible until the proper code is entered.

Unfortunately, you are only given the possibility to add notes, links and login details. The application is straightforward enough, with limited available features. There is no implemented function that allows you to add custom entries, any more fields to the existing ones nor pictures to enhance the visual aspect.

Probably the only advantage the application features, is the Cloud support. It gives you the possibility to quickly upload details on a cloud service. This comes in handy considering nearly any corner of the planet is fitted with access to the Internet, letting you easily access entries almost anywhere you are.

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that KpassC makes you want to think again whether or not your memory is trustworthy. It only manages to do half the job right, trying on random passwords sometimes granting access to credentials, but incomplete or scrambled text. The cloud support is the only feature that tips the scale a little in its favor.