Proxy servers are the most used solutions when it comes to going anonymous on the Web. Rerouting the data traffic via a proxy server allows you to change your IP address to protect your online identity. Furthermore, you get to access websites that come with geographical restrictions and bypass censorship.

If you want to use a proxy server, you can choose between a web-based solution, desktop application and even configure a proxy connection in Windows. However, the most convenient way to redirect the Internet traffic is directly through the web browser you are using, with a dedicated extension, such as KProxy.

The KProxy addon is easily installed in Firefox, as the browser automatically detects it and allows you to add it with a click. Once the extension is installed, a new hat icon appears in the browser toolbar, which allows you to activate or disable the proxy connection. There are no other options available but, frankly, none are needed. It is important for such an extension to allow quick configuration and one-click access to a proxy server.

Once you start KProxy for Firefox, the addon starts looking for an available proxy connection right away. Usually, it only takes a few seconds for it to load and you should be able to see the location of the proxy server your computer is connected to. Just click on the arrow next to the country name to see a list of all the proxies and connect to another one.

It might happen that you get a connection error, in which case there might be a problem with a company filter that prevents traffic rerouting.

Installing a proxy solution directly in the browser is one of the most quick and convenient solutions you have at your disposal to make sure your identity is protected. The KProxy addon for Firefox is easy to use and requires no configuration. Even beginners can have it running in no time. It enables you to browse the Web anonymously and secure your connection. And, if your browser of choice is Chrome, there is an extension for it as well.