Kryptel Lite is the free and lighter edition of Kryptel, a simple-to-use Windows program designed to encrypt files and folders in order to restrict other users' access to them. It features several intuitive options that can be easily figured out.

During installation it it possible to choose the interface language, as well as to integrate Kryptel into the Windows Explorer shell extension when it comes to encrypting, decrypting, verifying and shredding files.

The interface is based on simple wizards with a classical look that does not put emphasis on appearance. To start encrypting files and folders, you have to specify the output container name and directory (standard EDC container format). The files and folders intended for encryption may be indicated in the next wizard step, along with the password right afterward.

From this point on, the original files can be accessed only from the encrypted container (they were moved, not copied), which can be explored and decrypted only with the help of Kryptel (to the same location or alternate one).

As far as program settings are concerned, it it possible to change the default icons for Kryptel files, ask the app to keep the source files and verify data integrity after decryption (which can be manually done via a file's context menu), force passwords to be case insensitive, and so on.

Unfortunately, a lot of features presented in the app are only available in the full edition of Kryptel. Otherwise, the tool carries out encryption and decryption jobs quickly while remaining light on the system resources. We have not come across any issues throughout our evaluation, since it did not hang, crash or pop up error dialogs. Its interface needs a lot of work, though. However, considering that this is a free tool, Kryptel Lite proves to be decent when it comes to data encryption.