KSSW-FrontendMenu is a reliable tool that allows you to create impressive presentation menus, autorun executables or splash screens. The program is designed to help you wrap a project, presentation or slideshow in a professional looking interface. Moreover, it offers you a convenient method for transferring several types of files.

KSSW-FrontendMenu allows you to create a professionally looking, easy to use presentation for your product. The program enables you to complement any slideshow or set of files with an interactive menu, which can make it much easier for users to read the contents.

You can easily build visually appealing autorun applications in which to embed images, documents, hyperlinks or secondary menus. The program offers a comprehensive collection of templates and preset configurations that you can easily customize.

You may add buttons, text areas, group boxes, sub-menus, images, file viewers, even multimedia items. Other elements that you can embed include documents, archives, pop-up menus, list boxes and hyperlinks.

KSSW-FrontendMenu allows you to quickly build an interactive menu, by manually arranging the elements or by using the specialized wizard. Each menu can embed one or several of the previously mentioned elements, as well as subpages.

The wizard guides you through all the option that can be attached to the menu, including full-screen mode, splash screen, background sounds and custom elements.

Alternatively, you can open a blank menu application or load one of the available templates. Each element can be linked to a particular function, such as a pop-up application or a file.

KSSW-FrontendMenu enables you to test the functionality of the menu, by compiling the product. You may then export it to a local file, transfer it to a USB device or burn it on a CD, DVD. Additionally, the program allows you to save the project as a workspace and easily create backups for it.