KSSWare ICQ Sniffer.NET is a useful and powerful tool that can extract ICQ-messages from the network stream in real-time.

KSSWare ICQ Sniffer.NET is written using the most secure and reliable technology in the world for Windows-based servers created by Microsoft - .NET, and doesn't require any drivers! Sniffer captures all traffic passing through TCP/IP stack and supports any device (Network Interface Cards (NIC), modems, wireless NIC and others).

To extract ICQ-messages on routers with Native Address Translation (NAT), sniffer is using Local Address Translation technology, or LAT, created by KSSWare Corporation. Unlike other similar programs, which capture only messages that fit in the network packet, KSSWare ICQ Sniffer.NET completely reconstructs the TCP-channel and captures all ICQ-messages.

All messages are displayed in a messages window with three modes of view (all messages to all users, all messages to a selected user, all messages from one UIN to a selected user) and stored as structured log files, which can be viewed later in a built-in messages browser or in any other text viewer.

Here are some key features of "KSSWare ICQ Sniffer NET":

■ High security, reability and isolation from other software

■ Installation and deinstallation are not required

■ Doesn't copy any files into system folders

■ Doesn't require any drivers for working

■ Support of all network devices

■ Running on any platform (x86, x64, Itanium) with installed .NET framework 2.0 or higher

■ Structured messages log

■ Structured messages viewing in real-time

■ Built-in messages browser

■ Built-in messages filter (IP, UIN, ICQ user)

■ Built-in messages content filter with events support (send e-mail & execute command)

■ User connection/disconnection event (send e-mail & execute command)

■ Security code for unauthorized access preventing

■ WatchDog

■ Easy to use (just click on 'Autoconfigure' link in the status bar)


■ Microsoft .NET framework 2.0


■ 3 ICQ-users only

■ Password is not captured

■ Messages log files are not supported

■ Filters are not included

■ Events are not included

■ Messages browser is not included

■ Maximum of 10 messages in the window