Being an online merchant can be a profitable job, but it also comes with a set of challenging situations you might face, such as being ahead of the competition and always keeping track of your sales.

However, some of these tasks can be easily accomplished by turning to third-party applications, such as Kucatoo Pricer, that can help you simplify your work.

Setting up this application on your computer can be done easily and without effort since you are not required to perform any additional configuration during its installation.

During its setup, it might download some required components if you do not have them installed on your computer already. Despite the fact that it provides you with detailed instructions for each of its functions, having basic knowledge of Internet selling activities might help you understand its purpose better.

You can rely on this utility if you need software assistance for managing your Amazon inventory, as it can help you set prices for each of your products automatically, quickly and efficiently.

Doing so is possible by providing the application with the required credentials, which include a Kucatoo account and an Amazon Merchant ID. After you set these required parameters, you need to import a price file from your computer that the application scans and use it to update your data.

It is possible that you can generate detailed reports of your inventory so that you can manage it in a more efficient manner by filtering content according to your needs. These reports can be saved on your computer, for future reference, and might come in handy if you want to optimize your sales.

This tool enables you to perform price comparisons between your items and your competitor's. Therefore, you are offered in-depth statistics about your sales strategy, which can help you boost your profit.

As a conclusion, Kucatoo Pricer is a handy application that can help you enhance the efficiency of your sales by enabling you to set prices for your merchandise automatically and generate useful reports. Installing it on your computer can be achieved fairly easily, its interface is user-friendly, features intuitive functions and comes with detailed help documentation.