Kvisoft Flash Video Gallery is a software application whose purpose is to help you create galleries that may include images and videos.

You are welcomed by a dashboard that provides at-a-glance information about all created galleries. In addition, you are allowed to edit, delete or open the galleries.

The GUI looks intuitive, while the configuration settings remain easy to decode even by less experienced users.

Kvisoft Flash Video Gallery helps you define a new gallery by providing information about the title and description. You can import image and video files in the working environment, provided that they have the following file format: JPG, BMP, PNG, FLV, MP4, F4V, and SWF.

Files can be added in the main window using only the browse button (you cannot rely on the drag-and-drop support). Pictures can be previewed with the aid of thumbnails.

Each file included in the gallery can be customized by adding a title (with user-defined size and color) and short description, inserting links, as well as setting up the file duration in seconds.

You may choose between several templates for changing the looks of the gallery, such as Carousel, Flat Wall, Clip Cube, Windmill, and Wide Spiral.

Kvisoft Flash Video Gallery lets you preview each template in the main window, enable the automatic playing mode of the files or manually jump to the next or previous item, activate the full screen mode, and adjust the volume.

Personalizing the gallery can be done by adding MP3 files as background music and applying fading in and out effects. Plus, you can alter the background color or add a picture from your computer (you may adjust its transparency and pick its position in the background).

Logos can be embedded in the presentations. You may import them from pictures and choose their position (e.g. top left or right, center). Preloaders can also be included in the gallery with a custom background color.

The application gives you the option to set the size of the gallery, adjust the photo and thumbnail quality, enable the automatic or manual playback mode, automatically loop the audio streams, and stop the background music when playing videos. Last but not least, Kvisoft Flash Video Gallery helps you export the galleries to SWF, EXE, ZIP, or HTML file format.

All in all, Kvisoft Flash Video Gallery comes with intuitive and smart features for helping you generate business or personal photo presentations, as well as website Flash designs.