Identifying a product in a supermarket nowadays is no big deal, especially because all of them are equipped with some kind of unique code that scanners use to reveal their identity. Making such codes and labels requires specialized applications, such as Label Spirit Professional, capable of creating and printing out multiple labels in short time.

The application comes with a rich set of features and in order for you not to feel overwhelmed, its split into two components, one that holds data, and another to design and export labels. By default, you’re taken into the data collector, but the label designer is easily accessible.

Visual design is kept to a minimum so that you easily find functions you need. the upper toolbar is home to most of them, while the center area is where all data goes. In addition, a side panel provides a preview of the page layout, as well as the label design.

The data collector is nothing more than a spreadsheet stripped of function support. In other words, a set of rows and columns keep custom bits of info that are then used to print out multiple labels. Editing is easily done by writing inside each cell, or you can import TXT files that contain info you need.

When you’re done, it’s time to create the label itself. Double-clicking the preview label opens it up in the editor. You can discard the current layout and start working on a new preset, but it can take some time to start from scratch.

The label designer is fitted with various visual design tools so you can add pictures, shapes, and other objects to enhance the label, while other options and panels are used to configure what data to use from the spreadsheet and how to use it.

Although it can seem a little complicated, all you need to do is drag elements, data, and variables over the canvas in the desired spot, with each new label coming out with a different cell info so no duplicates are created.

In terms of export options, you can save label designs for later use under the application specific format. Moreover, it’s possible to save an image to check the design with others. When it’s finally done, the print function can take care of the rest.

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Label Spirit Professional is sure to come in handy for creating multiple tags for different products. It greatly saves you time by automatically grabbing data from the spreadsheet and conveniently placing it on the label you created. System resources used are nothing to worry about, making this application worth a try overall.