Being able to accurately and decoratively label items and objects is useful for some and a necessity for others, for those in business it can mean more sales and more revenue. Label Spirit Starter is an application that allows users to create and customize labels with text, barcodes and images to fit any product or item.

The interface for Label Spirit Starter is very straightforward to understand, the buttons and icons are clearly defined with no ambiguity in how they are presented. Any users familiar with any form of text document will recognize most of them straight away as the icons for images, text and text art are nearly identical. Within a few moments, users can have an image with a text excerpt and barcode layered into a professional looking label.

The application can be a bit daunting at first, with a large amount of information displayed at once. The design of the application tries to place as much information in a single window as possible, perhaps more tabs and display filtering would be helpful. The application does have robust offline help documentation though, so any problems can be overcome and after some exploring, most users will be able to get to grips with the application.

The application hosts a range of different ways for users to create barcodes, with an extensive library of stock images under different categories. Any user who doesn’t have any personal images or documentation to work with, can still create a wide range of labels just from the applications resources alone. The barcode support means that they can function in a professional environment, with both 1D and 2D barcodes included in the application, both fully scannable.

A better range of color samples and stock images would be welcome, as well as some more professional looking samples. The sample range is very extensive, but the images are basic and on their own are not overly professional looking, more business orientated labels would be an improvement to the application. Still, the editing options means basic images can be colored as well as custom images loaded into the application. The flexible nature of the application means it can be used for almost any labeling needs imaginable, in any business or personal field. While the application is expensive, this versatility can justify it.

All in all, the application is very good at what it does. Minor improvements like better resource management and display would help make it less daunting, it doesn’t change the fact that the program is an excellent editing and creation tool for software that should satisfy most, if not all users.