LabelDirect For TSC is a useful program optimized for TSC printers that allow users to design customized labels for their hardware devices.

TSC printers are little machines that print barcodes, labels, and tickets. They are small and specific. They aren't available for a wide general use.

LabelDirect For TSC, however, doesn't care about their exclusivity and works with pretty much any TSC printing machine, offering a wide array of label models for users, without needing to download or search any native drivers.

The entire process is pretty simple: users can import label models from their system and have them printed via the TSC device. The source folder is displayed on the left side of the program, while the label models are available on the right. Additionally, options and features can be accessed from the top bar of the application.

LabelDirect For TSC can communicate directly with the machine's native command language, so no drivers are needed to be downloaded or saved. Since these are quite specific machines, losing a drive file can be a major hurdle for those that plan to re-use TSC printers after a system reset. Additionally, the app offers all the labeling package a user would expect from a professional TSC dedicated software tool.

Options, like database integration, variable graphics, serial numbers, and especially industry standard linear and 2D barcode symbologies are all supported.

In case users want to print custom labels, they can import their own straight from an archived ZIP file. The program can read and print the images without needing a previous archive extraction process.

However, there are no extra options besides label printing customizations. The 'Preferences' menu changes only the thumbnail size, while the 'Tools' drop-down menu allows the user to manually input the label folder.

Dedicated to a very specialized task, LabelDirect For TSC prints labels for TSC machines exclusively. It helps users find archived files or folders where eventual labels might be and that's pretty much it.