Rest is something we all crave nowadays. Our busy lives make us want to do as much as possible in as little time as possible, so we end up forgetting to spend some times with ourselves.

Lake Tree 3D Screensaver is an app that will surely bring you a feeling of rest, even if it's just in virtual form.

From a visual point of view, the app is positively flawless. The tree looks realistic, the blades of grass are all individually rendered and animated, the leafs look real as life and the flowing water looks like a mirror of Heaven.

All these elements are wonderfully created using high-quality 3D and textures, resulting in your quiet place in the middle of nature, albeit from in front of a monitor

The soundtrack is also worth mentioning, as the calming effects of the flowing water and chirping birds blend seamlessly with the beautiful lounge music.

All these elements, both visual and auditory, come together to form the ultimate rest experience.

Despite the stunning visuals, there were no performance issues encountered while running Lake Tree 3D Screensaver, not even in animated wallpaper mode. Everything seemed to run smoothly, and not even the apps in the foreground were affected.

However, if you do encounter performance issues, you could always adjust several of the features from the "Settings" menu. From there you can adjust overall graphics quality, screen resolution and aspect ratio, along with sound and music volume. If you are not pleased with the music provided, you could always mute it all together and use audio files from your own system's library.

Lake Tree 3D Screensaver is more than an app, it is a visual and auditory experience that should be experienced by as many people as possible since it will satisfy even the pickiest user.