We all know how tiresome it can get to remember all the login credentials for multiple accounts, and it proves to be even more difficult to restore the lost or forgotten passwords. LastPass is a professional software utility that can help you store the passwords in a secure environment. With this Firefox add-on, you will be able to connect to your favorite social networks and other platforms without having to provide the user name and password each time you want to log on.

The GUI is clean and modern, and allows users to perform several actions with minimum effort. Before running the extension, you are required to create an account by specifying a valid email address and a master password. Moreover, the program allows users to select if they want to import the passwords from Firefox. It is possible to add URLs and to define the actions for each web page, as you can make the program never generate passwords and fill forms for the specified URL.

You can manually add information about each website by specifying a URL, name, username, group and password, and it’s also possible to add notes. The site can be marked as favorite, and you can select to enable or disable the auto login option. The information included in the newly created database can be edited, deleted or shared with your friends.

LastPass can help you create secure lists for different categories, such as bank account, credit card, database, driver’s license, email accountant, health insurance, instant messenger, membership, and others. For each of the aforementioned fields, the program allows users to configure the dedicated parameters. The application is also capable of analyzing the data stored in your database, and gives you tips about increasing the level of your password security.

LastPass is able to automatically fill web pages with a single click, and in order to carry out such a task you only need to provide the necessary information, such as profile name and language, personal, contact, credit card and bank accountant information, as well as to add personal notes and create custom fields. Moreover, you can create multiple identities and drag and drop the sites, secure notes and form fills for each profile. The built-in search function ensures that you can quickly find the login credentials needed.

All things considered, we can say that LastPass proves to be an excellent software solution when it comes to storing login information in a secure database. It packs many useful options that make it an ideal tool for beginners and experts alike.

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