If you're a frequent user of the LastPass password management solution, you probably heard that there are several versions of its service, which can be integrated into various browsers.

LastPass IE Anywhere, for instance, is the IE version of this program. However, there's no need to install any plugin on your computer.

Unlike its other versions, this application doesn't require you to install any other plugins on your computer, as you can access its interface and controls directly from the desktop.

After installation, the program is automatically launched. You can notice its tray icon and interact with it by simply right-clicking, which triggers a context menu to appear.

You can use LastPass IE Anywhere as a shortcut to your LastPass vault by selecting the corresponding option from the menu mentioned above. One important aspect is that you must log in with your LastPass credentials before using this program accordingly.

The context menu also provides you with access to the sites you've saved to your account, secure notes, and other tools. The websites can be organized in submenus, and new entries can be added to the list without too many efforts.

If you navigate to the "Tools" menu, you will notice a bunch of extra functions that let you access a list of identities, refresh the sites, export or print data, clear the cache and even generate passwords.

More so, you can adjust a few options by accessing the "Preferences" window. For instance, it is possible to logoff whenever the screensaver starts, the computer is locked or shut down or after a specific idle time.

All things considered, if you're a LastPass user and would prefer accessing it without having to install various plugins, you can safely resort to LastPass IE Anywhere. It can be easily installed, requires minimal PC skills and provides you with a broad range of useful features.