When Windows 8 was launched, one of its innovations was the so-called Start screen, which allows users to quickly run both Modern applications and standard ones. Those who want to customize the functionality of their Start screen can rely on Launch8, a dedicated dock where user-defined apps can be pinned for faster access.

The software solution installs without any issues, and one can easily start enjoying the benefits of the newly created dock.

New items can be added by simply browsing to the executable file, adding a shortcut or inserting a separator; the position of the icons can be changed via drag and drop. One can adjust the dock location as well, placing it in the lower or upper side of the screen, according to their preferences.

Additionally, the icon size can also be modified, as users can choose to automatically resize the icons according to the size of the dock, or they can select one of the preset sizes: extra large, large, medium or small.

There are several other ways of personalizing the dock added to the Start screen by Launch8, such as activating translucent background or displaying the clock. Jumplists and delete confirmations can also be shown or disabled with ease, along with the Settings button that can be hidden (thus preventing unauthorized users from making any modifications to the dock).

It needs to be mentioned that when users pin the icon of Internet Explorer, they also gain access to the recently launched websites and they can open them with a single mouse click. Alternatively, one can start InPrivate Browsing when they want to total privacy for their web navigation.

In a nutshell, Launch8 can come in handy to all users who are looking for total control when it comes to the apps they access on a daily basis and all those who are satisfied with the way the program works during the trial period can purchase a license and enjoy their customized dock for as long as they please.