If you like watching TV but have a broader range of videos on your computer, you might consider joining the two of them by creating a joint experience. However, doing so without software assistance can be a difficult, if not impossible task to accomplish.

LaziiTV is a handy application that can help you create a simulation of a TV set on your computer without significant efforts.

This program comes with a minimalistic, user-friendly interface that packs a series of easy to understand functions. Therefore, you can operate them without significant efforts.

You can access a set of instructions and explanations regarding this application's functionality by clicking the "How LaziiTV Works" button in the main window.

LaziiTV features two components that can be accessed individually: a configuration utility and a client. However, accessing the client without creating a configuration profile beforehand is not possible.

You need to create a group of channels, populate it with channels and assign various folders on your computer to each channel. Note that all the folders should contain exclusively video content, as the application does not detect any valid file otherwise.

It is possible to define what formats should the application be able to play by typing the desired extensions in the corresponding list. By default, it is set to play MP4, AVI, MKV, MPEG, WMV, WMA, MOV, 3GP and FLV files.

More so, you can simulate a remote control by creating key bindings that perform certain actions while the client component is active. For instance, you can set which keys should play, pause, stop, refresh the channel, change the group, access the previous video, display information, switch displays or quit the program.

All things considered, LaziiTV is a handy application that lets you simulate a TV experience on your computer without significant efforts. It packs a comprehensive user interface, features intuitive functions and provides you with useful instructions. On the downside, the imported folders should not contain any other file except videos with supported extensions.