Research sessions require a reliable note-taking application that can organize data in an efficient manner. One of the software solutions you can use is Leanote, which manages to keep your data structured while also providing online storage for you to access the notes wherever you are.

The desktop iteration of Leanote is designed to help you access the note management platform via a simple application that can be deployed on your computer. To do so, a free account is required so you must take the time to create one.

Once you are signed in, you are introduced to the intuitive interface of Leanote. Smartly structured in three different sections, the GUI provides one-click access to notebooks and tags, a list of all the notes, and the built-in text editor, all conveniently displayed in a single window.

Notes can be included in different notebooks, which you can assign a relevant name. The text editor features all the basic options you need, allowing you to format your text exactly the way you want to. The list of available fonts is not so rich, but text editing in itself is not the purpose of this app. Other features, such as image, table and hyperlink insertion, text bullets, file attachments, inline coding, and support for various programming languages are much more important and really valuable.

As your note database grows bigger, you can use the search function to find what you are looking for quickly. To get the best search results quickly, you should not forget to add tags to your notes as soon as you create them. Furthermore, a history of your notes is stored by the app, allowing you to restore the text if needed.

And if you want to read the notes you can toggle the presentation mode, which will show the text on the entire screen.

An interesting feature of Leanote is its options to publish your note to a blog that is automatically generated and associated with your account.  Whether you created simple text notes or Markdown ones, the content can be published online and shared with others in an easy manner.

Alternatively, you can save notes as PDF or HTML documents or export them as Leanote or Evernote-compatible files.

Leanote is definitely more than a simple notepad, bringing to the table a generous set of features that can help anyone who likes having their information neatly organized.

Additionally, it syncs the data using the online platform, which will enable you to access it from any computer that is connected to the Internet. And what advanced users might find interesting is that they are offered the opportunity to create their own storage servers (see installation instructions) if they don't want to use the Leanote servers to store data.