It has become common knowledge that childhood is when one is capable of assimilating impressive amounts of information without ever feeling that it is in any way an effort. That is why the manner in which parents and teachers manage to provide children with all the necessary resources is of critical importance.

Learn And Play is a nifty collection of apps and games that could come in handy in this kind of situation since it helps your child learn a lot of new things in a fun way since it all happens while they are playing.

Considering the fact that Learn and Play is aimed at young children, it is no surprise that its user interface is approachable and bundles a basic set of controls so that they don’t get distracted.

As for the array of activities kindergartners can indulge in, you should know that they are quite varied, and math, spelling, and arts are among them. As such, kids could get a grasp of numbers, simple equations, letters and words, colors and shapes, and they could improve their observation skills.

Aside from that, countless voice recording and sounds are provided so that your child can easily get accustomed to the pronunciation of various words denoting multiple concepts ranging from colors, fruits, and animals to shapes and others.

It should also be pointed out that, once the user manages to complete a task, they earn stickers and are congratulated, which could boost their desire to explore more. Nevertheless, if they encounter issues solving a specific exercise, skipping it is possible using the arrow in the top-right corner.

Being both fun and educational, Learn And Play qualifies as a reliable companion to any prep-school child. The program tries to teach them new things in a colorful and eye-catching environment, with all the lessons it proposes being approachable and bearing a cartoonish feel to them, which would definitely attract kids.