Learn French Deluxe a handy and entertaining application that comes bundled with several educational subjects dedicated to boost your French vocabulary for anyone who plans on studying this language or expanding its knowledge. Is features a vocabulary trainer, verb conjugations, memory match and hangman games.

The installation is made through Windows Store, and the tool is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 8.1. The program is wrapped an user-friendly and intuitive layout that comes with an individual tab for each provided function. Some of the examples are right answer, true or false, hangman or flashcards. It's orientated more towards those who already have some basic knowledge about French, but if you wish to learn it faster you can challenge yourself by going through each stage.

The first feature you can access is the vocabulary trainer, where you have to choose the corresponding image to the given word. If you get it wrong or right, the app plays a distinct sound and adds a number to the wrong or correct panel. Following is the verb conjugation, which helps you study and practice the conjugation for each verb in all the tenses while a translation between French and English is offered.

True or false lets you select whether the shown translation is right or not, while answering to as many questions as you can in 60 seconds. Spelling test gives you the opportunity to write the displayed word correctly without getting any letters wrong. In the hangman game, you have to guess the term by selecting one character at a time and which comes with a limited amount of guesses.

Word search helps you find all the words hidden in the grid using the English translations as hints. Moreover, memory match helps you improve your reaction and focus speed by flipping over two cards at a time in order to find the French word and its corresponding item until all pairs have been found. The included categories are adjectives, adverbs, numbers, common objects, transportation.

To sum it up, Learn French Deluxe is an educational and reliable utility created with the main purpose in mind to provide a fast method to learn and improve your French using the wide variety of features it comes with. Keep in mind that the program provides in-app micro-transactions.