Learn German Deluxe is a handy and accessible utility for Windows 8, 8.1, 10 that comes packed with different tools, dedicated to boost your German knowledge while having fun. Is fully equipped with a vocabulary trainer, spelling quizzes, memory match and flashcard games.

The tool is installed through Windows Store and comes with a user-friendly and intuitive layout with individual icons for each option. Is orientated towards those who already know the German basics and it can be quite challenging for those who wish to adventure themselves into learning it faster.

The first category is the trainer, where you have to choose the proper image that best describes the displayed word. The app plays a specific sound for both correct and incorrect answers, while it adds a number to the corresponding group. The spelling category comes with a random English word for which you have to enter its German equivalent without getting a single character wrong.

The hangman game generates a random term for which you have to pick a single letter at a time until you recognize the phrase. Choose them with care, as the function comes with a limited amount of guesses. In the true or false exercise you need to read and decide whether the translation is accurate or not, while solving as many questions as you can in a limited time.

Another useful purpose of the app is that you can sharpen your focus and memory by matching two items in order to find the English word and its German correspondent. The session is completed when all pairs have been matched. Word search trains your concentration and patience as it generates random terms neatly organized in a grind, and with the purpose of finding the German word using the English hint shown on the right side of the panel.

The bottom line is that Learn German Deluxe is an academic and interactive program created to offer a simple yet efficient way to learn and improve your German with the help of the wide variety of built-in games the tool comes with. The application offers in-app micro-transactions.