Learn Russian Deluxe a comprehensive and interactive program that offers a suite of fun and educational subjects dedicated to enhance your Russian terminology and helps refresh the memory. It's suitable for anyone who wishes to study this language or increase its knowledge. Is features a vocabulary trainer, true or false, spelling tests, memory match and hangman games.

The setup is completed through Windows Store. The app is compatible with Windows 8, 8.1, 10. It's wrapped in an accessible and intuitive layout that provides individual sections for each feature. Learn Russian Deluxe is more suitable for those who already possess some general knowledge of Russian, and can turn out to be quite a challenge if you wish to adventure yourself in its functions.

The first option offered is the vocabulary trainer, where you need to pick the correct image that corresponds to the given word. If you selected the right or incorrect answer, the tool plays a distinct sound for each choice, while it adds a number to the relevant panel based on your pick. The spelling test displays an English term for which you have to type in the proper translation in Russian. If the first letter is wrong, the program shows the right spelling.

The true or false game lets you select whether the translation is correct or not, while responding to as many queries as you can in a limited amount of time. The hangman comes with a random word, where you have to choose a single letter at a time. Pick them carefully, as you have a limited amount of guesses.

What's more, you can improve your focus and ability to memorize by matching two cards at a time in order to find the Russian word and its English correspondent until all pairs have been matched. Word search comes with various mixed terms which you need to find in the displayed grid using the English translation as a hint.

Taking everything into account, Learn Russian Deluxe is an educational and fun application designed to provide a fast and efficient method to study and improve your Russian using the broad diversity of features the app comes with. Keep in mind that it comes with in-app micro-transactions.