Nowadays, eLearning plays an essential role in education, as more and more institutions adopt this concept to simplify their courses and boost their teaching methods.

Lectora Inspire is one of the software solutions that can help you generate high-quality mobile courses on your computer by providing you with an extensive collection of advanced tools.

This program comes with a comprehensive user interface that encompasses an extensive library of functions, which are neatly organized in the application's ribbon, under relevant categories.

You can access a wizard-like tutorial that provides you with vital information on what this utility's functions are and how you can use them with as little effort as possible.

You can turn to Lectora Inspire if you need a trustworthy assistant that can help you generate high-quality courses on your computer in an efficient manner. You can create multiple-paged projects that can be customized with an outstanding amount of content, including text blocks, pictures, character images, buttons, questions, answers, actions and also videos.

Furthermore, the application also lets you build your own library of objects that can be easily accessed by using the bookmark buttons on the side of the screen. You can organize your project by creating multiple chapters, sections and pages, depending on your needs.

More so, this application lets you perform screen captures or recordings. You can do so by using the Snagit and Camtasia Studio utilities that are available on the Tools tab. You can also use video and audio editors, in case you want to customize your captured or imported content from this app.

It is possible that you can choose between running, editing, previewing and debugging your project by clicking the appropriate button on the View section. The project's active page can also be loaded in your web browser. You can publish your generated material by clicking the globe icon on the main window and choosing your preferred option from the list.

To wrap it up, Lectora Inspire is a complex application that enables you to generate high-quality mobile courses on your computer and also provides you with a broad range of auxiliary functions. It comes with a comprehensive user interface, encompasses an outstanding amount of functions and offers you a tutorial wizard that can help you understand its controls better and benefit from its capabilities to their full extent.