Being productive is a matter of self-discipline, which many of us lack and need to compensate for by resorting to restrictions imposed by external factors, and not simply by their own will.

That is why a software utility such as LeechBlock for Firefox could come in handy to those who need to be reminded from time to time what they should actually focus on.

First of all, you need to know that LeechBlock is a browser extension that allows you to limit access to specific websites, letting you select from a series of restrictions you get to customize in order to improve your workflow.

The addon boasts quite the generous feature pack, enabling you to organize frequently accessed websites in thematic sets you can rename as you see fit. However, now comes the interesting part since the application allows you not only to populate these lists with URLs but also indicate the obstruction terms.

To be more precise, you can specify when you want to have said sites blocked, with the possibility of opting for a set interval or an entire day. What’s more, you can choose to have them under siege once a time limit is reached, so you won’t aimlessly spend time scrolling up and down because the addon will remind you it is time to go back to work.

Needless to say, you can also select the days when the limitations should be imposed, with the option to be redirected to another, more relevant website when the restriction is in place.

What’s more, you can also prevent access to options readjusting the block set and conditions, which should ensure there is no room for cheats. Besides, requiring the user to type in a password when accessing the extension’s settings section is also possible.

All in all, LeechBlock is a reliable productivity tool designed to keep you on track whenever you feel tempted to leave important work aside and relax even though there is no time for that. It helps you create a distractions-free environment in your browser, which should have a visible outcome for your productivity.